Day 1449 - Return to NYC

Well, it's not day 1449 (yet), and we have not worked any where near a majority of the days since day 8 on NYC. But, there have been a few NYC-related highlights along the way.

General Assembly did come two years later, and NCNNews reported that USA/Canada NYI announced the destination for NYC 2011... Nashville, Tennessee. We thought, "Why on earth would you ever want to do NYC in Nashville?" Then we learned that NCN messed up and that it was actually Louisville, Kentucky.

In the mean time, we have also learned that three old friends from the music of NYC 2007 Water Fire Wind will be returning to NYC 2011: A World Unbroken. TobyMac, David*Crowder Band, and Starfield will all be there in Louisville this July.

We will be doing a similar blog to this one for NYC 2011. We hope you enjoy this look back to NYC 2007. I know it has surely sparked my memory on more than one thing. -jh