Day 3 - Water

7.11.2007 5:54pm - This morning was much better in the means of wake-up time. We went to breakfast at 8:00am and left for the Dome about 10:00am. The service this morning included the Joshua Chavez Band, One Time Blind, and Mike Kipp. The madhouse that is the feeding of the 10,000 (aka - lunch) was next. Lunch was surprisingly good (sloppy joes, baked beans, mac n cheese, brownie, etc.). After lunch everyone split up into their respective tracks. The slackers that got Multiple Topics got to choose from a list of seminars similar to Improve Your Serve on our district. My track was World Changing Leadership with 836 people, a lecture, and small group discussions. About 2,500 students and adults went offsite to either paint schools or play sports. Dinner was a better madhouse with a faster flow (and Chinese food). Service will start at 7:30pm, and we are waiting outside the Dome doors for the time to go in at 6:30pm.

7.11.2007 10:42pm - The service tonight started with Family Force 5. Heather Flies was the speaker tonight and spoke on how people try to satisfy thirsts; however the only true thirst quencher is Jesus Christ.