Day 5 - Call a Friend and Dance with the Elderly

We forewent the provided breakfast this morning and chipped in to get bagels again. The day was entirely quite similar to Day 4; however, there were a few differences. First off, Brooklyn Lindsey brought the morning message on presence. One of her key examples was that when we Facebook stalk to catch up with old friends instead of calling or visiting, it is like only reading our bibles or only going to church when trying to have a relationship with Jesus. He wants a call every now and again.

We took a detour from the NYC schedule and went to the Belle of Louisville for lunch. Since we went during already planned activities, we were the only youth group on the boat. In fact the average age of the 150 or so people on the lunch cruise was probably 60 (and that's with us). We had a great lunch and cruise, but the best part was dancing afterward. Anytime you bring our teens and our Trevecca admissions counselors together (BTW, Brianna and Lauren are awesome) you will likely get at least the Cha Cha Slide. Our teens danced to at least a dozen songs and even learned a new one. 

Our teens also made the day of the geriatric set on the Belle. At first, the older people seemed skeptical of the dancing teens, but in the end many of them joined us.

After lunch, we had an hour of workshops and exhibit hall before we went to our "Something to Eat" project. We were divided into 4 teams which each filled two boxes of 32 meals each. Each meal feeds 6 people so ... 4 x 2 x 32 x 6 .... We prepared meals for 1,536 people in Swaziland in about 15 minutes with just our 39 people. 

Tonight's service was Satisfied. Stuart Williams was the speaker, and the main feature of the service was Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Child Sponsorship. We had many youth and adults from our district pledge to sponsor a child. One of the neatest things we have observed over the week is how involved the KFC Yum! Center staff have become in our services - praying, singing, being engaged in the message, and even sponsoring children.

Tomorrow we go to Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana.