Day 7 - Four More Years

7.15.2007 11:59pm - It is four more years until the next NYC in 2011. No one knows where, when, or who. At General Assembly in two years the announcement of those facts will begin with when and where. For the last service of NYC 2007 Water Fire Wind we had a communion service led by Bo Cassell. In the service he did not speak in a traditional way; rather, he used the speakers throughout the week to preach his message. After the service, we came back to the hotel for Subway lunch and then left for the City Museum for about three hours. The museum is full of twisting tunnels, dark places, and plummeting slides. After the museum, we went to the historic St. Louis Union Station to eat dinner and shop a little. We then went bowling. The most exciting part of the day was probably at the end when we had the GREAT pleasure of meeting the entire Starfield band at our hotel. They had come to visit some crew members and didn't expect a mob of teenagers.