Day 2 - Boats, Bats, & Bass (as in music)

This morning we were able to sleep in later than the other mornings we will have in Louisville. Everyone was able to eat breakfast at Einstein Brothers Bagels attached to the hotel. 

About 10:15 we met and took the first of two group pictures. It was supposed to rain again on Wednesday, and we wanted to make sure to get at least one good one. We walked to the riverfront and took a second group picture in front of the "Spirit of Jefferson" riverboat. We had booked our cruise on the newer "Spirit", but found that we would be on the over hundred-year-old "Belle of Louisville". 

The cruise on the Ohio River was calm, but it did rain almost the entire time. 

Just about the entire cruise as fas as we can tell were NYC groups. The students had a lot of fun with some dancing with the group from Hawaii and others just relaxing on the upper deck. 

From the "Belle", we walked to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory  (not a short distance). Thankfully it was dry as we walked. In the Museum and Factory, we were able to watch all the processes of making a Louisville Slugger. Everyone got a small souvenir bat to take home. That should be fun the rest of the week and the ride home. Everyone with a little bat. 

We went from the museum to the convention center to register and drop off our Bundles of Hope project supplies. Then we went to he hotel to change t-shirts and go to Impellizzeri's Pizza for dinner. 

Dinner was great, but I realized that I had planned a lot of walking for Wednesday (and it wasn't over yet). We walked (surprise, yes?) to Fourth Street Live (an outdoor concert complex for the Trevecca Block Party with all the districts on the Southeast Field. We had Jake Neumar, Refuge, Rachael Nemiroff, and Awaken in concert for about two hours.

Tomorrow starts the conference portion of NYC ad we will also do our mission project tomorrow afternoon.