NYC 2007

Day 1449 - Return to NYC

Well, it's not day 1449 (yet), and we have not worked any where near a majority of the days since day 8 on NYC. But, there have been a few NYC-related highlights along the way.

General Assembly did come two years later, and NCNNews reported that USA/Canada NYI announced the destination for NYC 2011... Nashville, Tennessee. We thought, "Why on earth would you ever want to do NYC in Nashville?" Then we learned that NCN messed up and that it was actually Louisville, Kentucky.

In the mean time, we have also learned that three old friends from the music of NYC 2007 Water Fire Wind will be returning to NYC 2011: A World Unbroken. TobyMac, David*Crowder Band, and Starfield will all be there in Louisville this July.

We will be doing a similar blog to this one for NYC 2011. We hope you enjoy this look back to NYC 2007. I know it has surely sparked my memory on more than one thing. -jh 

Day 7 - Four More Years

7.15.2007 11:59pm - It is four more years until the next NYC in 2011. No one knows where, when, or who. At General Assembly in two years the announcement of those facts will begin with when and where. For the last service of NYC 2007 Water Fire Wind we had a communion service led by Bo Cassell. In the service he did not speak in a traditional way; rather, he used the speakers throughout the week to preach his message. After the service, we came back to the hotel for Subway lunch and then left for the City Museum for about three hours. The museum is full of twisting tunnels, dark places, and plummeting slides. After the museum, we went to the historic St. Louis Union Station to eat dinner and shop a little. We then went bowling. The most exciting part of the day was probably at the end when we had the GREAT pleasure of meeting the entire Starfield band at our hotel. They had come to visit some crew members and didn't expect a mob of teenagers.

Day 6 - Feeding the 10,000

7.14.2007 11:43pm - YES, I said, "feeding the 10,000." With all of the food that was brought be the 9,600 participants of NYC 2007 Water Fire Wind, there were 10,184 boxes of food filled to feed families of four all over St. Louis for one week. Dave Curtiss proclaimed today "Miracle Day" during this morning's service. The morning speaker was Princess Zulu. To show us how those in Africa eat, for lunch we had porridge. We then had free time until dinner. Some came back to the hotel, some stayed at the convention center. We had a larger dinner than seemed normal (I guess they were double feeding us lunch and dinner). Service tonight was with Francis Chan speaking and Myron Butler and Levi as the special music guests. Check out for more information on NYC as a whole.

Day 4 - Fire

7.12.2007 10:43pm - This morning was much like yesterday other than the breakfast today was more kid friendly. This morning's speaker was Fred Lynch. He spoke on Drip Drying and walking toward the fire after being drenched in the living water. Starfield, this week's worship band was in concert. Lunch, tracks, and dinner went the same as yesterday. Tonight was our turn to sit on the floor of the bowl. Dr. Warrick was the speaker, and Barlow Girl was the musical guest. The last minutes of the service were filled with silence and prayer.

Day 3 - Water

7.11.2007 5:54pm - This morning was much better in the means of wake-up time. We went to breakfast at 8:00am and left for the Dome about 10:00am. The service this morning included the Joshua Chavez Band, One Time Blind, and Mike Kipp. The madhouse that is the feeding of the 10,000 (aka - lunch) was next. Lunch was surprisingly good (sloppy joes, baked beans, mac n cheese, brownie, etc.). After lunch everyone split up into their respective tracks. The slackers that got Multiple Topics got to choose from a list of seminars similar to Improve Your Serve on our district. My track was World Changing Leadership with 836 people, a lecture, and small group discussions. About 2,500 students and adults went offsite to either paint schools or play sports. Dinner was a better madhouse with a faster flow (and Chinese food). Service will start at 7:30pm, and we are waiting outside the Dome doors for the time to go in at 6:30pm.

7.11.2007 10:42pm - The service tonight started with Family Force 5. Heather Flies was the speaker tonight and spoke on how people try to satisfy thirsts; however the only true thirst quencher is Jesus Christ.

Day 2 - NYC

7.10.2007 11:24pm - This morning we left the hotel at 7:30am to walk to the Gateway Arch. After a ride up 630 feet to the top of the arch, we walked down to the riverfront to board the Tom Sawyer riverboat. We [Charlie and Cody on the Riverboat] traveled up and down the Mississippi River on a guided tour. After theriverboat cruise, our group walked a few blocks to eat lunch. We met at 1:15pm at the America's Center to unload our food for the feeding of the 5000 and took it to the backstage area of the Edward Jones Dome. After we sorted our food, we received our free backpacks and hung out in the exhibit hall. At 5:00pm we were back at the hotel for a [Kelly feeding the 5000] Papa John's Pizza Party and also got our Trevecca Shirts. At 7:00pm we left the hotel for the first service. We were surprised to find the tobyMac preformed at the beginning instead of the end of the service. After about an hour of tobyMac, Greg Stier - of - spoke on how Jesus is some people's embarrassing friend. Free time was from about 9:30 to 11:30pm mainly in the exhibit hall with bands and booths and games.

Day 1 - Travel


7.9.2007 12:21pm - We met at Cullman First around 7:45am. After a brief refresher meeting, Pastor Aaron Coffey prayed for our trip, and we got onto the bus. We have traveled through Nashville and will soon stop near the Kentucky border to eat lunch from Jason's Deli.

7.9.2007 6:12pm - We have just reached the Omni Majestic hotel in St. Louis. We have 7:00pm reservations for Joe's Crab Shack. Mr. and Mrs. Pitts have been extremely nice as our driver and co-pilot.

7.9.2007 11:50pm - After eating at Joe's Crab Shack, we came back to the hotel and had a devotional and worship service by Mike Johnson. Tomorrow we will travel to the Gateway Arch four blocks from our hotel at 7:30am.